Economically Speaking

I’ve had enough of this economy. Economically speaking, I see no future in normal job hunting methods using Indeed, local job banks, handing out resumes, or working with employment agencies (especially considering how unequipped they are in dealing with people struggling with intellectual disabilities). Thanks to the rapid expansion of the internet, EVERYTHING in the city that pays well is going from print and hard manufacturing to freelancing and work-at-home occupations. That may be just Winnipeg. Our homeless on the streets are starting to increase, newly landed immigrants get jobs before our own citizens (I’m not racist, but there needs to be a balance between helping refugees and working with the citizens that were born in the true north strong and free (Justin Trudeau, I know you’re reading this)).

The way I see it, there’s only two solutions to this problem; start an online business or move to the country and just pick-up something simple in a grocery store or small office with thankfully an almost stress-less environment that would accommodate my Aspie quirks. I’m not looking to get rich. I want a car to get around easier. It’s nice to have some extra cash to take my wife out for a nice dinner at The Keg without my parents having to pay for it. I will eventually need money to upgrade my musical equipment and this blog. And I want to travel and play my music at shows in Europe.

Working at home allows me to establish a proper routine without work schedules from stupid-ass call centres being all over the place and messing up a routine that works for my and the missus. Working from home allows me a flexible schedule to get my chores around the house done properly within that routine. Working from home allows me to travel when I want (although my wife would have to schedule different things). To work from home would mean that I can work as hard as I want and be rewarded for how much mental sweat I metaphorically squeeze out of my brain into zeros and ones that would result in living a life where no one has to worry about job security, pension issues, or the stock market crashing. On top of all that, we can use extra money we make to help other people such as organizations we support, or churches that need to reach darker corners of the world to build communities there for Christ.

I’m still investigating options. Whether it’s Fiverr, Zazzle, taking up Google Play app development again, or resuming Amazon Affiliate Marketing, I’m diving in. I’m done with working my ass off since 2009 to get two college degrees only to be left pursuing the 9 – 5 lifestyle from other companies since 2014 and then only getting stuck with part time or casual work that feels like consistent whips to the back. All this just because I’m slowly being driven to insanity by the impairments of autism. I’m taking the rest of my life into the hands of both myself and my loving wife and we’re going to make damn sure the last 3 years of our lacking marriage doesn’t happen again.