Premium WordPress Plugin Deal-breaker, Hilarious Seller

Just thought I would share the funniest thing ever. I showed interest in a premium WordPress plugin. I sent a message to the developer asking about it before I buy it. He responded with information that was a deal-breaker for me. I didn’t respond. During the night 7 hours after my response, this developer messaged me every 30 minutes to confirm my interest and basically guilt trip me with small Twitter sized messages containing all the benefits of the plugin that didn’t interest me. After deleting all the messages and email notifications of those messages, I finally responded saying I’m not interested and that his conduct was extremely unprofessional. After blocking this guy, I decided for fun to check his Twitter feed. It was a mountain of tweets sent every 5 minutes about how crappy online business is, how corrupt the 9 – 5 lifestyle is, why it is stupid to search for a job only to end up with a minimum wage position, how he gets barely any sales but still “kills it” with Adsense, and Photoshop edits with his face overtop of rich entrepreneurs who were very successful travellers.

I’ve gone through a similar phase as a developer but never hard selled every half hour or tried to size myself up trying to look like a guru. This is why entitlement is a poor attitude to have.