Premium WordPress Plugin Deal-breaker, Hilarious Seller

Just thought I would share the funniest thing ever. I showed interest in a premium WordPress plugin. I sent a message to the developer asking about it before I buy it. He responded with information that was a deal-breaker for me. I didn’t respond. During the night 7 hours after my response, this developer messaged me every 30 minutes to confirm my interest and basically guilt trip me with small Twitter sized messages containing all the benefits of the plugin that didn’t interest me. After deleting all the messages and email notifications of those messages, I finally responded saying I’m not interested and that his conduct was extremely unprofessional. After blocking this guy, I decided for fun to check his Twitter feed. It was a mountain of tweets sent every 5 minutes about how crappy online business is, how corrupt the 9 – 5 lifestyle is, why it is stupid to search for a job only to end up with a minimum wage position, how he gets barely any sales but still “kills it” with Adsense, and Photoshop edits with his face overtop of rich entrepreneurs who were very successful travellers.

I’ve gone through a similar phase as a developer but never hard selled every half hour or tried to size myself up trying to look like a guru. This is why entitlement is a poor attitude to have.

A Realistic Look at Entitlement and Suffering

I grew up in a culture of entitlement and not much suffering. My parents and teachers raised me under the impression that I was special and that God would give me the dream and legacy I dreamed about as a teenager.

After almost achieving that dream in high school but failing, I became attracted to pastors who fed on the entitlement of the rich and high class: AKA the prosperity gospel. I was attracted to pastors who would easily “usher in miracles and give his flock instant hearings or financial gain.” I was attracted to others who would name and claim their healing or better finances. I was attracted to leaders who had influence but manipulate people into a hyper-Pentecostal cults. These false prophets also feed on the entitlement mentality of victims looking for a miracle. And of course with having Aspergers,I really need a miracle to see my dreams come to past. Or do I?

I’m still working towards my freedom. But taking time to reflect on my past has made me realize that it’s better to depend on God through suffering than treat God like a genie or Santa Claus. I do wish my suffering was less, but I’m at the point of taking it one day at a time. I think that is much more of an inspiration than prosperity messages. People are sold to a gospel that is attractive and I wanted to be a celebrity with a gospel I can sell while seeing others change. The fact I never got there after a decade of trying shows I have something else I need to do. Maybe my story will just be a chronicle of finding myself. I guess the parts that will change others forever is that I’ll never give up my fight to find purpose in life.

My outlook of the world has changed so much in 2014

Ever since I’ve been struggling through depression and a back/leg injury in 2014, I’ve been doing a lot of research about my viewpoint of this world and the beliefs and entitlement that I grew up with. My outlook of the world has changed so much. Here’s a few things that I’ve learnt, and please be constructive if you e-mail me in disagreement with any of them:

  • God only allows you to have so much of what you want, but He gives everything you need.
  • Blessing and prosperity is subjective.
  • A job you love is a blessing, but not everyone deserves it.
  • Constant exposure to the spotlight is only for a few people.
  • Telling kids they are special and that they can do anything may screw them up. Sure you can encourage them to be anything they want, just don’t give them a sense that they are entitled to be what they want.
  • It’s great to have a dream on cloud 9 as long as it’s grounded and realistic.
  • We live in a world of struggle. There’s always going to be something that needs to be fixed.
  • Bad things happen to you and things won’t go your way. You can whine about it, but in the end, God does answer prayer, but He only answers it His way, not yours.
  • God has the right not to answer to you.
  • Being “ordinary” in a world that seems mundane can be amazing.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with what you have, you won’t be satisfied with what you want. Some things shouldn’t be chased after. Let those things come to you.

Welcome to life with Aaron Parsons.

A Life of Giving It All

I don’t mind if my music or digital art goes nowhere. I’m starting not to mind my suffering. I win just by doing God’s will for my life. That’s it. I won’t purposely try to convert people or push my viewpoints on them like conservatives with a “father-knows-best” mentality. That is mean and abusive.

Many pastors are asking, maybe even pushing the laity to a life of giving it all and going overseas as a missionary, or dropping their current lifestyles to go to Bible college and become a pastor or minister. It’s not a bad question. There is a need for more missionaries and more people to work the harvest. But another question needs to be asked.

Are you willing to be one of the nameless believers in history who have never seen the spotlight?
Are you okay with being forgotten by everyone but God and the rest of heaven?
Are you willing to be faithful right where you are even if God is the only one who sees you?
Are you sure you’ll be okay with no one writing a book about you and what you did in the name of Christ?
Finally, are you willing to live and believe in a God of mundane people?

This is the question that has haunted me ever since my dark times in Brandon Manitoba between 2009 and 2012. I’ve fought hard with the answer no. I wanted respect. I wanted a fan base. I wanted the spotlight because I tasted little of it here and there before 2010. But most of all, I wanted to change the entire world and leave a legacy. Who doesn’t?

After a few Brandon MB friends completely turned their backs on me, the desire turned to a hopeless chase of online schemes for a chance for my digital art to go viral. After going into debt, determining what’s important in marriage and seeing a small community that was deep, fun, and catering to my interests as a geek and musician, I understand what it truly means to be blessed even in a life where to others it can be pretty mundane. So yes, I plan to live and change the world, but just the world that is within my reach. I don’t care if I’m forgotten. It will hurt to loose a few friends and it will rock to gain new ones.

Looking back on the life I used to have in Brandon now, I understand some of my choices resulted in what I went through the past 6 and a half years. Some have also resulted in lifelong choices I can never reverse. The journey isn’t over. I’m still working on forgiving the people who hurt me. I’m working on forgiving myself. I’m still working on replacing the lies I picked up through prosperity gospels, fake news, and hyper-Pentecostal bull. God is good. He helps me learn who He really is and what He really wants for me. It will still take some time for me to feel this daily. I’m feeling better letting things go even as of late. I really don’t need much. Just something to song-write with like laptop or iPad or game console that makes music and a small community to contribute music to such as a Facebook group or an open mic. I’m okay letting go of everything else. I just pray this feeling of closeness to God won’t go away.

I don’t mind if my music or digital art goes nowhere. I’m starting not to mind my suffering. I win just by doing God’s will for my life. That’s it. I won’t purposely try to convert people or push my viewpoints on them like conservatives with a “father-knows-best” mentality. That is mean and abusive. I’ll hang out with people and let them see by my lifestyle and through Jesus that life can be full even if it simply is just creating something and letting others around me enjoy it. Despising my previous need for a radical lifestyle, and breaking away from people who push the radical gospel on others, has only been beneficial for me. It changed me for the better and is slowly releasing me from my depression and entitlement.