Repetitive Homework: Autism and Repetitive Stuff

When I talk about Homework, I’m not talking about the subjects I’ve learn in school or college. The older I get, the more frustrated I am with schoolwork, especially when having to pencil in a part time job. College students all over America and Europe know exactly what I’m talking about. Homework is Daft Punk’s debut album and one of my favourite techno albums. The hit song “Around the World” is a classic repetitive four on the floor beat/bass dance groove with a catchy chant of the title song. Created in the 1990s, the current pop duo constructed their whole album using any kind of synthesizer they can find. They’ll use anything from a TR-909 drum machine to Moog and Modcan Modular analogue machines.

While the abstract sounds are what keep its fans, I love it for a different reason. Daft Punk creates catchy two bar phrases in their dance music. The repetition and syncopation of their music doesn’t bore me at all. My wife doesn’t like Daft Punk because of how repetitive their music can be. I explain to her why I love dance and hip-hop music with so much repetition without convincing her. I understand why repetition in music is not for everyone. It feels like a shot to the heart when I want to listen to music with repetitive phrases but neurotypes tell me to stop. They tell me to stop because they’re tired of repetitive riffs/arpeggios.

While my brain understands change needs to happen in life, my body and soul feel relaxed and tranquil while a nice looping sound or frequent motion occurs again and again. With enough looping of pleasant sounds or repeated actions, I’m stuck in euphoria. When that state of mind is interrupted by changing a task that’s unfinished, or switching to another track when one of Daft’s beats go on and on, I become overwhelmed with feelings of frustration, sadness, and anger.

I worked in a call centres for a long time. I enjoyed it because of how recurring certain duties were. It’s the same script, same tasks and same responses depending on what customers want me to do. What sometimes gets me in trouble is the change from one project to another without taking a break. In the past, I would become so disorganized with changing tasks that I would throw papers down in anger. It sucks that supervisors want change right now. Aspies need to be slowly directed into their new undertaking. City work can be so fast paced that it would be better for those with Aspergers or autism to live in the country.

I’m sure the reader of this post is wondering why Daft Punk and their album Homework are relevant to this post. I’m working in a job now where data entry is needed but task recurrences are absent. Before I go into work, I listen to Daft Punk’s Homework as a way to relax myself before each shift. Think of it as meditation, or doing my “homework” before each shift. Some people drink or smoke cigarettes to keep their strength up. I’m not here to judge these people. Please don’t judge me because I get high off repetitive dance music that’s not for everyone. I need “Homework” to make it through the school of “life with autism.”