I’m Done Blogging

I’m done blogging. Apparently after yesterday’s post, I’ve been getting quite a few DMs telling me I’m only part of the “exile problem” if I’m not reaching out to those with a lower status than myself. Here’s the thing; if anyone actually knows me personally, they will discover that I AM ON THE LOWER STATUS classification. I have also worked with a number of charities from 2012 to 2014 including Amnesty International and the Salvation Army and am currently volunteering Monday nights in ministry. So please tell me again why I’m part of the problem when I’m writing from a perspective that’s right in the effing middle of it.

I’ve been thinking about stopping this for a while. If anyone reading this thinks I’m playing the victim here, I’m partly at fault for what I’m about to say. I’ve had it with rage culture and my responses to it through this blog are actually a big part of that problem even though I’m only getting around 70 reads a day. I’m stopping blogging because I’m just tired of what’s going on in the world and I’d rather be on the ground helping when I can rather than exercising the last drive I have to use my influence through writing or art. I’m tired of Mr Trump and Mr Trudeau’s incompetence and the overload of information that is constantly being flooded in the media wether it’s the Huffington Post, fake news from Liberal America, disgusting hogwash from Infowars, or lies about the autism spectrum from Life Site News. Unless I take more time to get my hands dirty than they already are, there’s no point to blogging what I have to say.

I’ll still post stuff here and there, but I’ll be doing a bit of re-branding. None of these posts will go away but the future ones will change. Hopefully the future will look brighter once I start posting again, but for now I need to get away from everything that is bothering me right now and just concentrate on doing what I can offline to make the world a better place.

Peace out.