Hormone Treatment, Birth Control, Abortion, and Stupidity of the Right

There was a comment left on an article about a boy born without arms or legs. Aside from the fact the article talks about the distinct birth defect he had and how extremely rare it is, they still decided to post their ignorance and post an untruth simply because it supports their own arguments and agenda.

A lot of the right, especially those men who are unmarried, don’t know that birth control is not 100% effective. They taught this in sex education classes when I was in school and they still teach it now. However, in those cases where it is not, women stop taking it. They don’t need to take it because you can’t get pregnant if you already are. They taught that in school as well.

After getting married I found out that birth control pills are primarily hormone treatment. I would hope anyone with a prescription has been informed of that by their doctor and/or pharmacist. For those that have been pregnant, I’m sure they can attest the last thing they want is more hormones messing them up beyond what their body is already doing.

So if you are going to back up a statement like this with “I know a guy who would know” when it screams against simple common sense I am not going to give you the satisfaction of arguing back. I learned a long time ago that I can explain something for somebody but I can’t understand it for them and I’ve gotten much better at recognizing the ones that don’t want to understand to not waste my time explaining.

Couples who know what they’re doing when it comes to family planning know that discussion with a pharmacist or family doctor is the go-to solution if something goes wrong in the hormonal department. Leave abortion clinics out of the argument until after a visit with a pharmacist or doctor.

What’s also sad is that family planning is not covered by all marriage counseling. Hormonal treatment in birth control should be common knowledge especially if couples who keep intimacy within marriage are considering family planning. Side effects of hormonal treatment are different from case to case. I would take that into consideration before pointing fingers at an abortion clinic.

Don’t be stupid.