Foot In Mouth

I have a tendency to say things I’ll regret later. Putting my foot in my mouth has always been an issue for me. Some say its odd since verbal communication is a slight weakness in conversation while Charlene points out a strength in writing our emails and texts to each other. I guess I have my impulsive moments that get me into trouble. So I’ll be thinking more before I speak if I have something to say while continuing to write as a sideline.

The other thing that’s sad about myself that I can never fix is the Aspergers trait where I want to contribute to a conversation so badly but a lot of times, my response ready buffer is empty. People see that as being extremely shy, but the real truth is that I don’t know what to say. Either the subject in conversation isn’t my thing (no offense) or too big for my simple brain. It’s something I have to accept even as a friend who constantly wants to keep things two-way but is stuck listening. Having that on top of the burden of saying the wrong thing can be exhausting for me in a social setting. Please don’t be surprised if I withdraw or chase me if I do. I actually hate being an introvert when out of my creative zone.