I’m Done Blogging

I’m done blogging. Apparently after yesterday’s post, I’ve been getting quite a few DMs telling me I’m only part of the “exile problem” if I’m not reaching out to those with a lower status than myself. Here’s the thing; if anyone actually knows me personally, they will discover that I AM ON THE LOWER STATUS classification. I have also worked with a number of charities from 2012 to 2014 including Amnesty International and the Salvation Army and am currently volunteering Monday nights in ministry. So please tell me again why I’m part of the problem when I’m writing from a perspective that’s right in the effing middle of it.

I’ve been thinking about stopping this for a while. If anyone reading this thinks I’m playing the victim here, I’m partly at fault for what I’m about to say. I’ve had it with rage culture and my responses to it through this blog are actually a big part of that problem even though I’m only getting around 70 reads a day. I’m stopping blogging because I’m just tired of what’s going on in the world and I’d rather be on the ground helping when I can rather than exercising the last drive I have to use my influence through writing or art. I’m tired of Mr Trump and Mr Trudeau’s incompetence and the overload of information that is constantly being flooded in the media wether it’s the Huffington Post, fake news from Liberal America, disgusting hogwash from Infowars, or lies about the autism spectrum from Life Site News. Unless I take more time to get my hands dirty than they already are, there’s no point to blogging what I have to say.

I’ll still post stuff here and there, but I’ll be doing a bit of re-branding. None of these posts will go away but the future ones will change. Hopefully the future will look brighter once I start posting again, but for now I need to get away from everything that is bothering me right now and just concentrate on doing what I can offline to make the world a better place.

Peace out.

Economically Speaking

I’ve had enough of this economy. Economically speaking, I see no future in normal job hunting methods using Indeed, local job banks, handing out resumes, or working with employment agencies (especially considering how unequipped they are in dealing with people struggling with intellectual disabilities). Thanks to the rapid expansion of the internet, EVERYTHING in the city that pays well is going from print and hard manufacturing to freelancing and work-at-home occupations. That may be just Winnipeg. Our homeless on the streets are starting to increase, newly landed immigrants get jobs before our own citizens (I’m not racist, but there needs to be a balance between helping refugees and working with the citizens that were born in the true north strong and free (Justin Trudeau, I know you’re reading this)).

The way I see it, there’s only two solutions to this problem; start an online business or move to the country and just pick-up something simple in a grocery store or small office with thankfully an almost stress-less environment that would accommodate my Aspie quirks. I’m not looking to get rich. I want a car to get around easier. It’s nice to have some extra cash to take my wife out for a nice dinner at The Keg without my parents having to pay for it. I will eventually need money to upgrade my musical equipment and this blog. And I want to travel and play my music at shows in Europe.

Working at home allows me to establish a proper routine without work schedules from stupid-ass call centres being all over the place and messing up a routine that works for my and the missus. Working from home allows me a flexible schedule to get my chores around the house done properly within that routine. Working from home allows me to travel when I want (although my wife would have to schedule different things). To work from home would mean that I can work as hard as I want and be rewarded for how much mental sweat I metaphorically squeeze out of my brain into zeros and ones that would result in living a life where no one has to worry about job security, pension issues, or the stock market crashing. On top of all that, we can use extra money we make to help other people such as organizations we support, or churches that need to reach darker corners of the world to build communities there for Christ.

I’m still investigating options. Whether it’s Fiverr, Zazzle, taking up Google Play app development again, or resuming Amazon Affiliate Marketing, I’m diving in. I’m done with working my ass off since 2009 to get two college degrees only to be left pursuing the 9 – 5 lifestyle from other companies since 2014 and then only getting stuck with part time or casual work that feels like consistent whips to the back. All this just because I’m slowly being driven to insanity by the impairments of autism. I’m taking the rest of my life into the hands of both myself and my loving wife and we’re going to make damn sure the last 3 years of our lacking marriage doesn’t happen again.

Winnipeg Panhandlers Be Crazy

Wow. As if it’s not bad enough that Winnipeg has perfect strangers asking for money on street corners. I just had a “Christian” I barely know panhandle me via Facebook Messenger. It isn’t the first time either.

I feel a sarcastic remark coming like, “Oh yeah, I could use a little free cash too if you have nothing better to do with your hard earned money and want to give it away for free inbox me and I’ll take Visa, Debit, PayPal, or I’ll come pick it up (if it’s no more than the cost of my Shaw internet subscription).”

Yes, this literally is what one pan-handler uses to get money in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

If you are in a similar situation, you may need to unfriend a few people that call themselves Christians if they’re always asking for money. Go ahead and block them if they’re trying to guilt you into it as well. People get the notion that Christians are do-gooders so they want to make them feel good and keep taking and taking and taking. It baffles me how entitlement takes on a whole new meaning in the city of Winnipeg sometimes. Some fake Christians need to learn some respect. Where did people learn that giving out money freely just because it’s what good people do was supposedly Christianity? Where do some Christians get the idea that God will have people provide money for them if all they do is ask for it but don’t do any work or marketting or other kinds of services in return? It is shocking to me. True Christians will work if they need money to bless other people. Even Apostle Paul made tents to pay for his evangelism right out of pocket.

I want to help people. I have been helped financially for quite some time while I job hunt hard and my wife is gracious and patient with me when I’m unemployed which I’m very grateful for. Note that with difficulties, there are acceptable measures that are appropriate for securing financial help. Soliciting people on the street let alone on Facebook should not be a method of doing that, autistic, Christian, Buddhist, or aethiest. Some forms of solicitation offer doors to mentalities which are a trap for those who are gullible or get really angry due to their own entitlement.

There’s a difference between trusting God to let him provide coin and hustling hard to keep yourself financially afloat. A mature person will know the difference between balancing the two especially when tempted to beg one on one through a messaging service.

So if you’re giving money to random people asking for it on Facebook Messenger, God bless you. But sorry though, you’re not helping people become financially independent the right way. And if you hustle properly, do it for God and to provide for yourself and family close to you. Nobody has or can save everyone, financially, through the internet, or through street evangelism. That’s Jesus’ job. This may sound harsh, but that’s just how it is. Do the work, don’t ask for money via Facebook Messenger, and the money will come.

Five Favorite Classic Protest Songs

While this isn’t a post about autism, I just wanted to post my own Canadian response to the events of last weekend in Charlottesville, VA. This is very simple and should be black and white. White supremacists, KKK supporters, and Nazis, regardless of where they’re from have no place in any society on this planet. Both sides did not kill a woman and injure anybody. It was one man on one side, a side that promotes death, and has no concept of how important human life is.¬†We must all speak out against the hate when we see it or we are just as guilty in our support by allowing it to happen and spread. “That is not acceptable” must be a phrase we can say without hesitation until we live in a world where it doesn’t need to be said anymore. While the USA’s “orange president” decides to condemn violence on many sides, I really think any kind of protest or rally with potential to become aggressive is a problem. Political party affiliation or representation does not give anybody permission to act however they want without consequence. Call me a pacifist, however, I’m perfectly okay with readers who disagree with me on this.

My point is that one of the most civilized ways to respond to chaos, anarchy, facism, white supremacy, or any kind of subject that is offensive is to sing/rap about it. So this post is dedicated to some of my favorite protest songs that have made me think about the world from the artists’ point of view. Just note that I don’t necessarily agree with everything they say.

  • The Clash – The Call Up

    I’m not big into Beatle’s sounding rock, but the political lyrics are just catchy. Perhaps I’m drawn to it due to how experimental the sound was at the time. Some say it’s a very left-leaning song due to its careful and subtle social commentary, but I can agree that it has the right amount of activism in their music without it being over the top or with an agenda to shove it down its listeners’ throats.
  • Dead Prez – Propaganda (WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE)

    So much is packed in this song. Everything is referenced from political coverups to the spreading of “fake news” which has always been around so it doesn’t phase me all that much as long as I make sure I stick to local news or the Globe and Mail from T-Dot, my second home.
  • Mahalia Jackson – We Shall Overcome

    This song was a staple of the civil rights movement, Mahalia worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King. She also sang Precious Lord at his funeral in 1968. It is such a moving song that will go down in history. Regardless of your beliefs, this song will strengthen you to overcome.
  • The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President

    Oh, boy, I’m going to get a lot of hate mail and commentary on this one. Let me be clear though, regardless of opinions, I love funk music. The opening drum-break on this critique toward Richard Nixon has been sampled almost as many times as James Brown’s Funky Drummer. While the lyrics are fairly basic, they’re very relevant today. It’s hard to believe which news outlet has exact coverage of what’s going on in the White House these days. But the Honey Drippers do make a point. Trump’s guilt and actions always need to be in check. The US government needs to be accountable to the people and they have to know exactly what’s going on regardless of one’s political opinion. If one wants to get political but still get funky, this is the go to song!

    I will add more songs to this post as I’ve got to get to my night job, but writing this post was lots of fun in a time where politics can be really nasty.

Premium WordPress Plugin Deal-breaker, Hilarious Seller

Just thought I would share the funniest thing ever. I showed interest in a premium WordPress plugin. I sent a message to the developer asking about it before I buy it. He responded with information that was a deal-breaker for me. I didn’t respond. During the night 7 hours after my response, this developer messaged me every 30 minutes to confirm my interest and basically guilt trip me with small Twitter sized messages containing all the benefits of the plugin that didn’t interest me. After deleting all the messages and email notifications of those messages, I finally responded saying I’m not interested and that his conduct was extremely unprofessional. After blocking this guy, I decided for fun to check his Twitter feed. It was a mountain of tweets sent every 5 minutes about how crappy online business is, how corrupt the 9 – 5 lifestyle is, why it is stupid to search for a job only to end up with a minimum wage position, how he gets barely any sales but still “kills it” with Adsense, and Photoshop edits with his face overtop of rich entrepreneurs who were very successful travellers.

I’ve gone through a similar phase as a developer but never hard selled every half hour or tried to size myself up trying to look like a guru. This is why entitlement is a poor attitude to have.

Rant: My Struggle with Aspergers is Due to a Lie?

Why do people think my struggle with Aspergers is due to a lie? Everyone who’s met me knows how socially awkward I am. Everyone knows I have problems reading body language. Everyone who’s met me understands my focused passions with multimedia and how I get stuck on things like Sheldon Cooper from time to time. As I get older, I have a harder time with memory and speaking. And everyone knows there are things around me that trigger intense emotions I literally can’t handle because of mental overload which probably caused me to post this in the first place. On top of all that, I’m actually under vaccinated in general. I’m a living embodiment of what autism awareness can be but my IDENTITY is still claimed as fake news, a lie, demon possession, or a product of poor medical practices when GOD FORMED MY BRAIN DIFFERENTLY TO DISPLAY HIS GLORY, NOT SO I CAN BE NEUROLOGICALLY FIXED. Some far right groups need to shut up and get a better understanding of diversity, not just in terms of race and culture but in terms of neurological diversity as well.