Here’s some of the electronic music I’ve produced over the years as Aaron Parsons (click here to listen to and purchase/download my Lazy Nerd music). Everything is free to download, you can use it whatever way you want, and this page will continue to be updated. If anyone is looking for my hip-hop based stuff, I’m not letting anyone listen to that anymore. I’m a new person and that life is behind me. The music on this page is reflective of my current musical identity.

Korg DS-10 Trax

My start in mobile music was in fact not with a Gameboy. What sold me on buying a Nintendo DSi was the fact that one can make portable music with it. While I lived in Brandon MB, I was bored out of my skull while taking web design. Sure I had time to study and look at weird things on the deep web, but I wanted to do something creative while taking bus rides around town to and from school or Starbucks. So I picked up Korg DS-10+ from EB Games and created one and a half albums of music with it. So much fun!

Barely Illegal

Some minimal dance music made on a Nintendo DSi. The most fun part was creating that scratch solo at the end.

Behemoth Needs A Girlfriend

Probably one of the first tracks I ever created with Korg DS-10. I had no idea what I was doing half the time. And to make things worse, with only sixteen full measure patterns to work with, I had to do a few things live in the game to add some variation to break repetition (and didn’t do a good job of it). Soundwise though, I think it turned out OK.

Bumpin Bill

Better sounds, fun effects. An overall great house track to dance to.

Bunnies in the Club

It’s kind of a cutesy song with some dubstep rubbing…er….wubbing.


Had some fun making this one. It was inspired by DS-10 Dominator’s Toms Toms track. Your typical dance track with the workings of a cuckoo clock forced inside of it.

EDM/Dance Trax

I’ve been experimenting with various synths and FL Studio as well. Here’s some of my more varied EDM works.

Welcome to the Interwebs

Wah guitar, hard analogue bass and chip leads, orchestral hits, piano, and a 56k modem. What more could you possibly want in an EDM song?

Some Kind of Sketch

My tribute to Deadmau5. Just listen to the song to get what I’m saying.

Turn Based

Some cool house music right here. Crappy vibrato-less chiptune leads though.

Bloody Sprites

Heavily influenced by halc’s 8-bit dubstep, I did this during Halloween one year to get over loosing work.

More tracks being posted shortly.